About us

Nacarat is a non-specialised property developer with over 30 years’ experience in the property sector. 

Drawing on its proven expertise in commercial property, Nacarat works with its professional clients to deliver their projects and/or select the products that meet their needs. Nacarat covers a broad range of property and real estate programmes, from corporate headquarters, multifunctional retail/office/housing developments, to business parks, hotels, etc. They all distinguish themselves, in the first place, by their ideal locations.

In association with the best architects, whom it treats as technical and financial partners, Nacarat has an innovative approach to setting up projects that generate high short-term and long-term performance levels. A precursor of eco-construction projects, Nacarat anticipates changes and designs new generations of buildings for their whole life cycle with the determination to reconcile investor profitability, user well-being and value added for local areas. As a result of putting this demanding level of requirement and know-how at the service of its clients and partners, Nacarat has gained recognition as the promoter of their sustainable development. 

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