Our solutions

From “designed for all” to “custom designed”

Nacarat brings to its customers, whether users or investors, the full range of its expertise in commercial and industrial real estate for projects such as the construction of “turnkey” professional buildings or developments for lease or sale.

"With proven expertise in commercial and industrial real estate, we help our professional customers bring their project to fruition and/or select the one which is right for them, while seeking to combine profitability for the investor, convenience for the user and added value for the local area."

Le Monet - Saint Denis

Office buildings
(corporate headquarters / regional back offices)

Whatever the location (business district, prestigious site, emerging centre of excellence,…) or the history of the site (new build, conversion, renovation,…), Nacarat is your guarantee of architectural quality, functionality, occupant wellbeing and sustainability in exceptional office buildings designed to inspire and to project a powerful image.

Le Monet, in Saint Denis
Architect: Agence Devillers & Associés / Photo: Y. Soulabaille

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Terranova - Reims

Business parks
(tertiary / general business activities / logistics / retail)

Nacarat offers attractive flexible solutions located next to the strategic communication routes of the most dynamic urban areas.

Terranova, in Reims - Bezannes
Architect: Urba Linea

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L'Arboretum, in Euralille

Mixed-use developments
(shops / offices / services)

Working closely with local authorities to develop neighbourhoods that promote the theme of "living together in harmony", Nacarat builds mixed-use developments in urban environments. These projects generally revolve around the complementarity between housing and areas for commercial activities (shops, offices, services, hotels,...)

L'Arboretum, in Euralille
Architect: CAAU / Photo: J. Lanoo

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Nacarat has also developed expertise to meet the needs of specific markets. So Nacarat has become an important player in the construction of hotel complexes, serviced apartment blocks and logistics depots.


Whatever the nature of your project, Nacarat guides you through it step by step:

  • The search for a site
  • The legal framework (off-plan purchase, development contracts,…)
  • Drawing up technical specifications
  • Finding financial partners
  • Preparing operating budgets
  • Construction
  • Marketing
  • Optimum use of the building (layout, user training, performance monitoring, etc)