Our innovations

R&D at the service of your business 

When drawing up its programmes, Nacarat gives pride of place to innovation. This is reflected in its commitment to draw on research and development in order to deliver high performance solutions to both economic and environmental challenges. By industrialising its construction processes, Nacarat is structured to deliver turnkey projects with very short lead times. 

Here are two concepts that illustrate Nacarat’s approach to innovation: 

Business+®: a new generation of business parks

Bussines +

Business+ is a work space offering that features prebuilt and preconceived buildings that combine budgetary savings, energy efficiency optimisation and user-friendliness.

Delivered to short deadlines, this new generation of modular buildings for small and medium-sized enterprises gives clients immediate access to optimised workspace that meets their specific individual needs.

Urbawood: relying on 100% wood 


Urbawood - Architect: Agence A 

Built in less than three months, the first Urbawood building located in the Lille metropolitan area met all its ambitious targets in terms of lead time, comfort and environmental performance levels. Thanks to this high-performance modular building concept, it is now possible to build RT2012-compliant(1)  offices in just a few weeks. 


(1)RT2012 = 2012 Thermal Regulations